I have had so much fun celebrating the 5 year anniversary of officially starting my photography business.  To close out the month long celebration, I am doing something I have never done before – a buy one get one free sale! Heck yeah. Like I said,…

5 Year Anniversary – June BOGO Sale


Raise your hand if the idea of going to a restaurant or movie alone sounds like your personal nightmare.  Until recently, I had no idea just how many people felt this way and won’t do things alone and it truly surprised me. Is this because they worry…

Enjoying Your Own Company | Beach Photography




Word on the street is, American travelers aren’t very good at blending in. It pains me to hear this because I think I am QUITE the awesome traveler but many international folks disagree and feel we Americans can be quite noticeable and have some easily recognizable…

5 Ways To Spot An American Abroad | London Photography




How often do you find yourself participating in this age old conversation filler: Person 1: Oh my, is it May already? Wow – where has this year gone? Person 2: I know, right? It seems like it was just January and now the year is…

The View From Above | NYC Photography