Word on the street is, American travelers aren’t very good at blending in. It pains me to hear this because I think I am QUITE the awesome traveler but many international folks disagree and feel we Americans can be quite noticeable and have some easily recognizable…

5 Ways To Spot An American Abroad | London Photography




How often do you find yourself participating in this age old conversation filler: Person 1: Oh my, is it May already? Wow – where has this year gone? Person 2: I know, right? It seems like it was just January and now the year is…

The View From Above | NYC Photography



Universal Studios - Harry Potter, Hogwarts Castle

It’s been awhile! I’ve missed all you amazing people and WELCOME to all the new people who signed up during my canvas wrap giveaway. Lots of new faces around here. So, where have I been? After Christmas I decided I was doing things the hard…

Working Smarter – Not Harder – To Be Creative


 Today, I say thank you to you – yes YOU – for supporting me and being an amazing fan of my art.  2014 hasn’t been an easy year for me and, to be honest, there were enough big wham-o life changing things that happened to me…

My Attitude of Gratitude


My mind’s eye never stops “composing” shots. It’s incessant.  It’s something I’ve done since I picked up a camera and made it my own when I was 13 years old. Back then, I took more social shots of friends and classmates. I would catch them…

Breaking My Own Photography Barriers